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DTI is both a funder and an implementer focused on co-creation, co-investment, measurable impact, and sustainability.

Highlighted Projects


Syria Direct

Syria Direct is a non-profit journalism organization that produces timely, credible coverage of Syria by training a small group of Syrian and international citizen journalists in professional news-gathering and unbiased, in-depth reporting. DTI helped launch and establish Syria Direct, and continues to build its capacity through core funding and oversight. Syria Direct publishes original news reports, features, investigations, interviews and multimedia journalism from both inside and outside Syria, published to its bilingual Arabic and English news website


Preventing Reprisals & Mitigating Violence in Iraq (PRMV)

PRMV is an anti-retribution program in Iraq. This project focuses on providing interventions to reduce retributive attacks in Iraqi neighborhoods that were recently liberated from ISIS, specifically in Anbar, Diyala, and Ninewa. For the next two years, DTI will work with media firms to utilize the arts in conjunction with social and news media, prioritizing women and youth with broad social media networks, to create a multiplier effect and catalyze grassroots advocacy on key themes surrounding retribution.

Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador

Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos

Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH) seeks to transform orphaned, abandoned and disadvantaged children’s lives in Latin America and the Caribbean by providing safe, healthy and loving homes, healthcare and educational opportunities. DTI supports a range of leadership development initiatives that target Pequeños in their critical late-teen/early adult years. These programs seek to complement NPH’s other basic services by building the skills and providing the experiences that youth need to break the cycle of poverty and reach their full potential in life after NPH.


New Media Development Group

DTI conducted a robust media assessment of Ukraine, identifying a critical gap in the media and information landscape of the Donbass region. The media survey found a significant deficit of news and information products targeted to Russian identifying and speaking Ukrainian citizens. The New Media Development Group is a nonprofit organization committed to the development and operation of independent news and media in Ukraine and the former Soviet Union. The organization works to empower citizens, journalists, and initiatives in the creation and distribution of truthful and engaging reporting that reflects local issues and concerns.


Center for the Study of Civ-Mil Operations at West Point

The first of its type housed at a military academy and targeting junior officers, the Center for the Study of Civil-Military Operations, funded by DTI, embeds civil-military and interagency cooperation into traditional military education. Cross-disciplinary programming that emphasizes the collaboration between the military and other areas of the government, NGOs and civilian populations is a key component of the Center’s instructional philosophy.


A New Model
for Development

We are pioneering a new way of doing business – starting with a unique structure where GPD Charitable Trust is the principal owner of a for-profit consulting entity, DT Global. DT Global then channels the majority of fees received from contracts back into its sister non-profit, DT Institute, to support initiatives that test new ideas or expand on donor partner priorities. Together, the DT Global family has the unique ability to augment existing donor-funded programs through matching grants and provide modern solutions to program financing.

DT Institute

A non-profit specializing in strategic research and development assistance though cooperative agreements and grants.

GPD Charitable Trust

GPD supports collaborative initiatives championing civic engagement, thought leadership, and the development of transformation leaders capable of making a difference in their communities.

DT Global

International development consultancy and thought leader. Offering technical assistance and on-the-ground support in more than 90 countries.