Inspiring Peace, Stability,
& Prosperity


We provide multi-year and short-term catalytic funding to like-minded institutions and individuals and work closely with them to create a foundation for long-term success. We believe that a healthy democracy and ethical leadership provides the greatest chance for peace, stability, and prosperity.

Grant Submissions

DT Institute’s philanthropic agenda complements our implementation work. 

We award impact grants to non-profit organizations, think tanks, civil society organizations, and individual researchers to build, test, and advance bold, innovative approaches to development.

DT Institute advances this work through the following five issue based funds: 

Leadership Accelerator Fund

Equips emerging and established leaders with the skills they need to build sustainable and transformative social, economic, and political movements.

Peace and Stability Fund

Funds research and programs that identify, prevent, or counter drivers of radicalization, promote stability, and build lasting peace. The Fund supports civil society, activists, and other key stakeholders to conduct capacity-building training and design locally driven interventions.

Clean World Fund

Supports activities that address environmental and climate change challenges that pose risks to global development.

Prosperity for All Fund

Supports research and program activities that advance economic opportunity for individuals and communities globally; we identify and fill funding gaps so that economies can support all people.

Free and Independent Media Fund

Funds research and program activities that improve the quality and availability of news and information to strengthen societies’ resilience against disinformation.

To Donate.

To support DT Institute’s Mission to partner with communities and leaders to help build and preserve more resilient, equitable, inclusive, and democratic societies, please visit us via PayPal.

DT Institute is a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. EIN #: 84-3617677

To Apply for a Grant.

DT Institute will be announcing a new process and deadlines for receiving grant applications in early 2024. Until then, you can still reach out to share your ideas and submit concept notes via All relevant concept notes for grant requests from $5,000-$50,000 will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Learn more about our grant making guidelines and how to submit a concept for funding consideration HERE.  If you have questions, please contact us at