Independent Media

We design creative solutions to develop and sustain media institutions, improve the quality and availability of news and information, and strengthen societies’ resilience against disinformation.



Freedom of Expression

In closed societies and fragile states the fundamental human right of free expression is often curtailed or limited.  The arts and music can serve as prominent vehicles for social change, with the ability to have far-reaching effects on societies. Arts and music that expresses controversial or critical views of society and government, in particular, has a long history of drawing attention to issues that have no other public outlet.  It resonates among listeners and inspires them to reexamine and challenge previously held ideas and societal values and can spur into action for positive change.

DTI’s current and past artistic freedom initiatives help outspoken musicians in closed societies and fragile states by providing them with technical resources and capacity building assistance to help them more effectively exercise their right to free expression, increase exposure to their audiences, and amplify their social messages allowing for more transparency and information flow on issues of critical importance.


Independent Media Work

DTI currently works in many countries to strengthen media institutions’ systems, practices and behaviors to produce high-quality news that sustain healthy information ecosystems. We work collaboratively with media outlets, journalists, civil society, and the public including the creation and deployment of innovative technology. DTI designs and implements whole-of-society and sectoral approaches to combat propaganda and disinformation including the COVID19 infodemic of mis and disinformation occurring in closed societies. DTI also provides strategic communications to support social and political initiatives.

Central America

Central American Independent Media

DTI is partnered with the Seattle International Foundation and other public and private donors to build the capacity and provide core funding to FACTum and El Faro, two independent media organizations that produce unbiased fact-based news for the citizens of Central America.


New Media Development Group

DTI conducted a robust media assessment of Ukraine, identifying a critical gap in the media and information landscape of the Donbass region. The media survey found a significant deficit of news and information products targeted to Russian identifying and speaking Ukrainian citizens. The New Media Development Group is a nonprofit organization committed to the development and operation of independent news and media in Ukraine and the former Soviet Union. The organization works to empower citizens, journalists, and initiatives in the creation and distribution of truthful and engaging reporting that reflects local issues and concerns.


Syria Direct

Syria Direct is a non-profit journalism organization that produces timely, credible coverage of Syria by training a small group of Syrian and international citizen journalists in professional news-gathering and unbiased, in-depth reporting. DTI helped launch and establish Syria Direct, and continues to build its capacity through core funding and oversight. Syria Direct publishes original news reports, features, investigations, interviews and multimedia journalism from both inside and outside Syria, published to its bilingual Arabic and English news website