DT Global Blog: Profit for Purpose in Action: Collaboration to Combat Transnational Crime and Human Trafficking in the Mekong Region

From the time that DT Global and DT Institute were launched in 2019, we have embraced “Profit for Purpose” as a core value driving the thoughts, actions, and programming of the DT Global family. A year into forging a new way of doing business, what does Profit for Purpose tangibly look like? 

There are a handful of words and phrases that find their way into conversations of those who are working to operationalize the profit for purpose mantra—examples include “catalytic” and “aligned,” to name a few. But sometimes the best way to communicate something is through an example. 

DT Global implements projects across the international development space, including several that provide development services in the law and justice sector. Steven Baker, a technical expert at DT Global Australia, was interested in developing research that shed light on the gateways to transnational and serious organized crime (TNC) in the Asia Pacific region and the impact of an emerging COVID pandemic on illicit markets and governance. Simultaneously, Christina Storm, who leads DT Institute’s Rule of Law practice, and Hugh Doyle, DT Institute’s Chief Executive, were eager to identify opportunities to develop programming to combat human trafficking globally. 

What became clear from our reading on the issue is that:

  • The persistence of TNC is holding the Mekong region back and undermining its institutions.
  • Addressing TNC will require a mix of policy and operational approaches at national and regional levels.
  • The COVID pandemic and health response could potentially present opportunities through the establishment of improved systems of cooperation and border control. 


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