DT Institute Announces Beneficiaries of its ‘Ukraine Civil Society Emergency Response Fund’

WASHINGTON, DC — This week (November 14th, 2022), DT Institute, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that implements complex global development programs in conflict, fragile, and closed environments, announced the beneficiaries of its ‘Ukraine Civil Society Emergency Response Fund’ — an initiative operated under DT Institute’s Research and Grants Division. In the summer of 2022, DT Institute established the Fund and published its first Request for Application (RFA) in an effort to counter the impacts of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The Fund is intended to provide rapid short-term support to cover emergency programming in the areas of:

1. Upholding rule of law and fundamental human rights
2. Facilitating access to services during the war
3. Supporting independent journalism and countering Russian propaganda
4. Supporting urgent, basic operational needs for Ukrainian civil society organizations (CSOs) and their staff impacted by the Russian invasion

Applications were open from June 3, 2022 until July 30, 2022.

DT Institute’s Impact Grants Committee reviewed the many worthy applications received and selected five (5) impactful concepts to fund for a total of $60,412. All proposals received were valuable to help improve people’s lives in Ukraine, and there is a great need for even more funding. (NOTE: DT Institute invested more funds than our initial $50,000 commitment given the demand to support more organizations on the ground and the importance of program ideas that we received.)

The following five organizations funded are as follows:

∙ Center for Policy and Legal Reform: Facilitates access to and improves the quality of admin services during a time of war in Ukraine

∙ International Leadership & Development Center: Provides key safety skills for children and youth during the war in Ukraine

∙ Detector Media: Delivers podcasts debunking the most resonant Russian mis/maligned information themes about the war in Ukraine

∙ Charity Health Fund: Provides legal and consulting assistant to residents of Kherson region of Ukraine

∙ Hromadske TV: Raises awareness of Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine through journalism

Hugh Doyle, CEO of DT Institute, said “We designed DT Institute’s ‘Ukraine Civil Society Emergency Response Fund’ to serve the immediate needs of every Ukrainian— every man, woman, and child — affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. For many, their way of life and sense of safety are in sudden disarray. As such, urgent programming, resources, services, and information are necessary to counter the damaging impacts on the region.”

John DeBlasio, Chairman of DT Institute said, “I have been engaged in supporting Ukrainian civil society’s efforts to resist Russian domination since 2014 and now through DT Institute, I remain committed to supporting Ukrainians in their effort to sustain an independent nation. We look forward to working with other prospective funders to enable Ukraine to thrive in the future as a part of the EU.”

DT Institute will continue engaging with existing grantees and beneficiaries — and plans to further expand to new organizations and initiatives within Ukraine and with the diaspora.

More information about this program will be made available on DT Institute’s News page.


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