DT Institute responds to lawsuit allegations


Media Contact: Violet Tsagka, VP for Business Development & Communications, DT Institute

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DT Institute responds to lawsuit allegations

WASHINGTON, DC. (April 21st, 2022): DT Institute, a US based nonprofit charitable organization, is a well-regarded implementer and funder in the international development space. As such, it takes the allegations contained in the District of Columbia’s Attorney General intervention complaint in the James Prince lawsuit very seriously.

We believe that the allegations that DT Institute has violated nonprofit and charitable law to enrich DT Global are without merit.  DT Institute has engaged in a productive discussion with the Office of the Attorney General of the District of Columbia to date and will continue doing so to address any concerns the office may have.

DT Institute looks forward to maintaining its primary focus and mission to partner with communities and leaders to help build and preserve more resilient, equitable, inclusive, and democratic societies. We are proud of the work that our grantees, staff and beneficiaries conduct globally, and we will continue supporting them.

We look forward to seeing this matter expeditiously brought to a close.

About DT Institute

DT Institute is a US-based non-profit organization that operates as both an implementer and a funder. As an implementing partner, DT Institute focuses on strengthening communities and leaders, working with local organizations, and developing new approaches through action-oriented research across three divisions: Stabilization, Transition, and Peacebuilding, Independent Media, Technology, and Human Rights; and Economic Growth and Environment. As a funding organization, DT Institute supports research activities and program implementation globally through grants in the areas of civil society strengthening, independent media and information integrity, human rights, democracy, rule of law, and countering foreign malign influence, among others.

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