DT Institute’s Board of Directors Appoints two New Co-CEOs

As of May 15th, 2023, Pia Wanek, the current CEO of DT Institute is stepping down. Ms Wanek has set DT Institute on a solid path forward as a result of her actions as a leader. Since last year, we have put in place a new strategy defined through an intensive internal and external participatory approach, and an inspired commitment across the organization to innovate and evolve our work. We have brought in new staff with deep expertise in non-profit management and have positioned DT Institute as a competent, niche implementer in the peace, human rights, media and technology sectors. We have also taken the time to continue building up and improving our internal processes and systems to position the Institute for greater future impact as a funder with philanthropic resources while we continue to directly implement programs.

Violet Tsagka and Kate Thompson have been appointed as co-CEOs of DT Institute.

Pia Wanek said “I am proud of our accomplishments over the past year, and excited to see continuing success from our incoming co-CEO’s as they step in to lead our agile and resilient team.  I’m delighted that the Board has selected two strong female leaders who have demonstrated their tireless support to our mission”

Ms. Tsagka has been serving as the VP of Business Development and Communications since March 2022. She joined DT Institute in September 2019, and over the past year, worked hand-in-hand with Ms. Wanek as we have finalized and our rolled out DT Institute’s three year strategy and have grown own external engagement efforts. She brings over fifteen years of experience in business development, international development, and communications. At DT Institute, she has found  multiple ways to bring teams from different professional backgrounds together to work more efficiently and effectively.

Ms. Tsagka will serve as the Co-CEO with Kate, who joined as one of our Board Directors in July 2023.

Kate Thompson is a seasoned international development professional with 30 years of experience leading large, multinational teams, complex operations, and annual budgets of as much as $2B in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Eastern and Western Europe, and the United States. Her work has created systems-level change by strengthening economic governance and opportunity; unlocking the potential of people, leaders, and self-governing communities; and stabilizing and rebuilding countries emerging from conflict. She brings experience working for-profit organizations, including as former Principal with Deloitte Consulting, as well in an oversight role on multiple non-profit Boards.

John DeBlasio, Chairman of DT Institute’s Board of Directors said “While we are sad to see Pia go, I couldn’t be more pleased about the opportunity for Violet and Kate to co-lead DT Institute together. I have seen Violet emerge into a thoughtful and exceptionally competent executive who has worked tirelessly for our organization.  Kate, who I have known since 2003, brings depth of experience in business and management, and the calm from weathering many tumultuous waters. With the two of them at the helm as a “super-CEO”, I’m excited about the future before us.”