Online Discussion: The Six Grave Human Rights Violations Perpetrated Against Children in Yemen: Local and International Accountability and Protection Mechanisms

On Thursday, September 28th from 3-5 pm Yemen time, join a panel discussion hosted by Watch for Human Rights (Watch4HR) and the Yemeni Coalition for Monitoring Human Rights Violations in Yemen (YCMHRV). Both organizations are supported by technical and financial assistance by DT Institute as part of the Supporting Awareness, Facilitating Enforcement of Children’s Rights in the Yemeni Conflict (SAFE) project. SAFE aims to unite efforts in safeguarding Yemeni children from severe human rights violations during the armed conflict. Under SAFE, Watch4HR and YCMHRV collaborate with local stakeholders to enhance the recognition of children’s rights both locally and internationally and facilitate accountability for those responsible for violating children’s rights.

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Panel Objectives: The panel discussion aims to introduce the six grave violations against children, shed light on violations committed by all parties to the conflict, and facilitate dialogue between key stakeholders on protecting children from the six grave violations during armed conflict and holding perpetrators accountable. The discussion will cover ways to involve families of child victims in accountability discussions, direct pressure on the violating parties, strengthen the relationship between accountability and peace consultations in Yemen, and advocate for access to justice both during and after the conflict.

The online panel discussion will be moderated by Ms. Marta Mendes, senior international human rights advisor.

Speakers will include:

  • Mr. Yasser Almoliki, activist, and lawyer
  • Judge Shaif Al-Shaibani, Head of the Training and Rehabilitation Department of the Attorney General’s Office
  • Ms. Niku Jafarnia, representative of Human Rights Watch
  • Dr. Anjila Sultan, Executive Founder Center for Strategic Studies
  • Mr. Dan Wilkofsky, researcher from DT Institute

Find more information about SAFE and the panel discussion under this document: SAFE_Online Panel Discussion on Human Rights Violations Against Children in Yemen_Sep 28, 2023.


Photo by asamw on Unsplash