Responding to Gendered Disinformation in Eastern Europe

As part of its portfolio under the Research and Grants Division, DT Institute supports West Point Military Academies’ Center for the Study of Civil-Military Operations (CSCMO) through an impact grant of $1.4 million dollars covering a period of 5 years. DT Institute collaborates with CSCMO to provide education on contemporary development and peacebuilding practices to West Point cadets and promotes the concept of Civilian-military cooperation to new audiences. We are building closer ties between civilian and military entities that often exist simultaneously in sensitive, post-conflict environments by introducing development concepts to the future leaders of the United States Army. We are further promoting the concepts of Civ-Mil cooperation by participating in the CSCMO convenings
and academic study.

In the summer of 2022, DT Institute hosted the first cohort of four West Point cadets as part of its collaboration with CSCMO. The four cadets conducted research on a number of topics including looking at Gendered Disinformation in Eastern Europe. Cadet Nancy Astabie wrote the report Gender Disinformation in Eastern Europe to inform DT Institute’s work in fighting foreign malign influence and promoting healthy democracy in Eastern Europe. The report explores the complex topic of gendered disinformation, explaining why disinformation should be examined through a gendered lens considering the ubiquity and malignancy of gender-based attacks online. Drawing on the evidence and analyses presented by researchers and experts on the topic, the paper presents:

– The narratives that dominate gender-based attacks
– The common tactics used to disseminate the disinformation
– The safeguards in place to defend against this type of disinformation, and issues with those defenses
– Strategies civil society organizations should employ to effectively defend against gendered disinformation and mitigate its effects

To read the full report please see below:

Responding to Gendered Disinformation in Eastern Europe